20 Years and Still Going Strong



After attending the home open of a property owned by two gay men in the mid nineties, Alexandra Maltby and a friend learned of the story behind the sale of the house. One of the owners had passed away. At this time, same-sex relationships were not recognised as domestic partnerships. The deceased mans’ family contested the will and won the rights to the property and most likely superannuation, bank accounts etc. The property was forcefully sold and the possessions of the deceased were (as legally recognised) rightfully obtained by the family; photos had been cut out as though the relationship never existed.

In fact same-sex partners could indeed be declined hospital access, medical decision making, superannuation, inheritance rights, property transfers and landlord/tenancy rights. In many cases, simple advice at the onset of a real estate, or any, transaction could have saved many years of heart ache.

Q Pages was established in 1995 as means to support gays and lesbians, their rights and to promote a united community. By providing an accessible central resource it would act as a guide to local gay and lesbian owned and/or friendly businesses, empowering individuals with shared knowledge.

Business Description

Q Pages is WA’s only Gay and Lesbian Business Directory. We provide a guide to gay owned and/or friendly businesses who choose to market to and support our community. Q Pages aims to develop engagement between businesses, the gay and lesbian community and relevant organisations by providing a directory available free to the public both in print and online.

Core Values

  • Bringing the community together.
  • Providing accessible businesses and community resources for gay and lesbian West Australians.
  • Empowering individuals and the wider gay and lesbian community with shared knowledge and resources.
  • Encouraging support for local businesses within the gay and lesbian community and the social groups, associations and organisations.

Q Pages aims to be

  • Accessible
  • Anticipated
  • Confident
  • Desirable
  • Durable
  • Dynamic
  • Functional
  • Reliable
  • Sleek
  • Supportive

Focus and Direction

In its 20th year, Q Pages is all grown up. Moving forward into a new year and new era it is imperative that the directory follows the community with purchasing trends, the financial climate and delves into the question “What does it mean to be gay in the 21st Century?” and “What are the needs, wants and desires of the gay community in this time ?”.

In creating a successful and profitable edition of Q Pages we permit for greater opportunities for forthcoming editions and for OUTinPerth. Holding fast to core values, this would also allow for increased support and involvement for the wider gay and lesbian community.