20 Years and Still Going Strong

Fostering: Crystal and Katie’s Story

Crystal (35) and Katie (27) are a foster carer couple who began fostering nearly three years ago and have not looked back since.

Crystal explains: “Being a foster carer isn’t always easy but when you see a child grow and improve at something you halve helped them with, if makes all the hard work worthwhile. Teaching a child right from wrong is one part of our role and when you actually begin to see them listen and act upon your advice, you feel you have made positive strides forward.”

“We are no different from other foster carers when it comes to challenges in fostering. Challenges can come from the child or young person who may harbour complex emotional issues or they can come from simple tasks like getting permission for haircuts, school trips or an overnight stay at a friend’s house.”

The couple enjoy a happy and active home life with their four cats Tinker KaCi~ Tigra and Tiza. They met 10 years ago and became official civil partners in 2006.

“Being a same sex couple we still have some negative opinions to overcome. We are in the minority and it isn’t always easy. On a recent sign language course, we were set Individual tasks of signing a sentence. When I signed Katie is my wife, I was corrected to say Katie is my sister since this is what they assumed I was trying to sign. There were a few red faces that day,” Crystal jokes.

We have to be prepared for what other people’s preconceived ideas are of us before they have even met us and that can be tricky”

Crystal and Katie have pursued their fostering careers with determination and commitment. Working with the agency they have the full backing from professionals who are always on hand to offer guidance and advice day or night. Ongoing training for carers is all part and parcel to fostering service provides.

Katie explains how training and support has helped keep them on track, “This is a great agency to work with and the many training sessions we have attended have helped to improve our fostering skills and understanding of the emotional or behavioural problems foster children can sometimes display. We attend training depending on the young person we are looking after and what we feel relates to their needs. Key Assets also holds local foster carer support groups and we meet up regularly with other carers to share experiences and chat about our day to day lives as foster carers.”

“Anyone who is considering becoming a foster carer needs to have bags of patience. It Can be a long path before it gets easier, but it does. Sometimes it can feel that you have tried everything and that it doesn’t seem to be working but if you commit and be consistent and show the child or young person that you are going to stick by them, then eventually you will start to see those little signs of improvement.”

Katie concludes, “As foster carers we aim to provide a safe and happy home environment for foster children and it is that level of stability which is so important to a child’s wellbeing. At key Assets fostering the aim is to deliver quality care in a family setting and that is exactly what we intend to do.”

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Fostering: Crystal and Katie’s Story, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
August 8, 2014


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