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Let’s Talk About Buttock Implants

lets-talk-buttock-implantsAustralia is in the midst of a keep fit craze. There are gyms on every suburban corner, there are 24-hour gyms, and there are is an innumerous amount of personal trainers all around the country.

Fueling this phenomenon is the desire to look and feel at one’s best where no surprisingly we have seen an increased demand in cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments. Whilst breast augmentation has been the mainstay for most women for many years there are other surgeries available that are becoming more common and being sought after more than ever.

Buttock augmentation is one of these procedures. Brazil is undoubtedly the capital of buttock augmentation but Australia is not far behind. Like the Brazilians we too live for the beach and outdoors, donning tight swim suits to show off our assets.

Part of the reason for the interest in buttock augmentation is that the technology behind the manufacture of buttock implants is now tried and trusted.

Additionally surgeons have learned is to minimise the risk of infection so that the procedure is safe, reliable and predictable.

Flat buttocks to many are unattractive and some women and men too, will go so far as to use padded underwear. But help is at hand.

Buttock augmentation is performed through a single incision in the buttock crease, also known as ‘the bricklayers cleavage’so post operatively the incision is completely hidden. Like any surgery there are risks (particularly with infection) but the use of antibiotics helps minimizing this risk as with many other surgeries.

Make sure that the surgeon you choose is experienced in this procedure. Ask your questions carefully and be totally satisfied with the answers you receive. If you feel comfortable with the consultation you have probably chosen well.

Zonia Wulff


To find out more about cosmetic surgeries get in contact with Perth’s own Dr Patrick Briggs.

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July 22, 2014


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